Money Is the Great Destroyer

Money is the root of evil and now it is the destroyer of our health. It has changed the environment and the world is declining at a rapid rate. Heat is fast becoming the great enemy of the living systems that have sustained life from the beginning of it on this planet. Looking at neighbouring planets, such as Mars and Venus, the thought crosses my mind about whether they were once like earth when life that developed thereon ended up destroying them.

Since the Industrial Revolution carbon has been pumping into the atmosphere at an enormous rate and now global warming is beyond what many species can tolerate. Insects, animals, plants, and sea creatures, such as coral, are succumbing to something that man has created through his love of money.

But he has not acted alone because they things were written down in prophecies to happen at the end of the day. That is the time we are now in according to them. Things to look out for are first of all the appearance of a great mountain which will attract all people to it in a flood. That is the Internet and on it are the answers that is spreading around the world to overturn the systems of the World Order.

There is also the great population increase and that fulfils the promise that everyone will return at the end to be judged. They have and it has happened through reincarnation, spoken of several times in the Old Testament (Isaiah 26:19, Job 8:19-22). My reincarnation is remembered because of the other language that came with me and made it impossible for others to wipe it out.

While there are many prophecies being fulfilled now it is money that has been used to destroy the world. Nothing man does now can save it as we are in the hands of the Great Spirit of the Universe and what is happening is laid out as part of the plan to bring the spiritual children of Israel to their inheritance.

That is a long story but in shortened form it means that God has used money to separate the spiritual from the evil doers and destroyers who are to pay the price for their greed. Nothing man does can change it.

The work of the 2 beasts of Revelation goes to the heart of the financial systems through which they still run the world. My experience is pertinent to understanding why these things are known by me and are published on the Internet for free.

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